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Diablo 3 Drinking Game

Out of boredom it has been decide that being the geeks that we are, me and my brother (and anyone else that fancies the challenge) are going to play a Diablo 3 drinking game. After looking on the internet at other people's rules, here are the decided rules for this session:

Diablo 3 Hardcore.

Take a swig of your beer when:

  • You use a potion.
  • You level ¬†up.
  • You change / equip a new item.
  • You change / equip a new skill.
  • You use a portal or way point.
  • You kill an elite/rare mob.
  • You socket a gem.
  • You get crowd controlled.
  • On completion of a world event.
  • You return to town.
  • You gain a buff from a shrine.
  • You use a stone at the end of a dungeon.
  • Someone finds a waypoint
  • You reach a checkpoint
  • You kill a treasure pigmy

Take a shot when:

  • You die.
  • You complete an act.
  • You kill a boss.
  • You meet a companion in the storyline.
  • You repair.
  • You use a health pool.

Extra Rules:

  • If a legendary drops everyone else takes a shot.
  • If a rare drops everyone else takes a swig of beer.

The start of the game will be started with brand new characters. No items can be purchased from vendors or the auction house.

For anyone that decides to try this or join in. Please drink responsibly ;)

Wish us luck (especially with it being Friday the 13th!)

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