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Testing My Relationships

Picking up from the other day, I tested echoing out the relationships that I had made, only to find out that I had in fact done it wrong!

After a bit of playing around with the code, it seems my proposed directory structure was the problem. I couldn't reference the general model instead of the DbTable model. The more I worked out as to why this was causing the error the more sense it made to me. So after fixing the references in my Row Models, the relationships were all in good standing.

I would assume there would be a way I could move some of the code around so I could implement my originally desired structure, but that will be something I will look into at a later date when I understand the Zend Framework a lot more.

At this point I am thinking it would be a good time to write my first tutorial on what I have done to get this far to possibly help me understand it a bit better, and who knows, someone out there in the WWW might stumble upon it and find it useful.

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